Oak King Greenman Fantasy Box
Oak King

Viking Drekkar Fantasy Box

Raviyoyla - Fairy with Knowledge of all Healing Plants Fantasy Box

Wolf and Stream Scene Fantasy Box
Wolf Scene

Old Style Covered Bridge on Country Road Fantasy Box
Covered Bridge

Dolphins Fantasy Box

Dragon and Wizards Fantasy Box
Dragon and Wizard

Egyptian Pyramid Fantasy Box
Egyptian Scenery

Korrigan Feary from Serbia Fantasy Box

Griffen Mythology Creature Fantasy Box
Griffen Mythological Creature

Fantasy Art wood boxes hand crafted by Dragonoak. These are very unique hand crafted boxes by my own special design, very nice for coffee tables or center pieces. Utilizing the supernatural and magic as a central theme from legends and myths. Prices start at $134.99 and custom designs can be negotiated. Be sure and look at our other hand crafted products.

Looking for something custom designed? Feel free to email us and lets see what we can do for you:
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Please review our **Policy Statement** All products are handcrafted to order. Please allow sufficient time for your product(s) to be built and finished. If you have any further questions once you have reviewed our policy, feel free to email **Gypsy Beth**