Altar Stand
w/ Poem by Gypsy Beth

Adds to the decor of your home.
Personal Altar Stand!

DragonOak's Altar Stand w/ Poem by Gypsy Beth

Goddess Poem by Gypsy Beth

Beautiful table top Altar Stand that can be utilized as a night stand or coffee stand in any home.
Personal Altar Stand!

Designs and Poem by Gypsy Beth on table top and/or legs are wood burned by hand for everlasting beauty.

Night Stand is made from solid wood. This is a handcrafted stand that will last for generations, similar to items we found in grandma's attic.

No metal is used in the final assembly of this stand, except for the two brass candle holders, as some believe that metal can interfere with the flow of energies. Brass candle holders fit standard 6" household candles.

This rustic altar stand is hand crafted by DragonOak, "one who walks the pagan path". Dragonoak walks the pagan path and now brings forth handcrafted items that are fitting for Pagan worship.

Natural stains and finishes are used to protect the wood and highlight the beauty of natural wood.

Looking for something custom designed? Feel free to email me at DragonOak and lets see what we can do for you:


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Athena Goddess of Wisdom

Athena, the goddess of wisdom and military victory, and also the patron of the city of Athens, was Hercules' half-sister. Her parents were Zeus and Metis, a nymph. Zeus heard a prophecy that the child Metis bore after she gave birth to Athena would become the lord of heaven, so, to prevent this from happening, he swallowed Metis while she was still pregnant with Athena.

When the time came for Athena to be born, the smith god, Hephaistos, opened Zeus' head with an axe, and Athena stepped out, in full armor. The birth of Athena was a favorite topic of Greek vase painters.

Athena often helped heroes, like Jason and Perseus. She wore an aegis, a goatskin shield which had a fringe of snakes. When Perseus killed the gorgon Medusa, whose face turned men to stone, he gave the gorgon head to Athena, and the goddess placed it on her aegis.

When Hercules went mad and killed his children, Athena stopped the disaster from getting worse. Just as the insane hero turned to kill Amphitryon, Athena threw a stone at Hercules, knocking him unconscious, so his mortal father was spared. Athena also helped Hercules at many points during his Labors. She provided him with the krotala he used to scare the Stymphalian Birds, and she carried the apples back to the garden of the Hesperides.