Accent Boxes - solid oak
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Decorative Oak Accent Boxes Home or Office
Buffalo Totem Oak Accent Box
Buffalo Totem Spirit

Greek Column Deco Oak Accent Box
Greek Column Deco

Cougar Totem Spirit Oak Accent Box
Cougar Totem Spirit

Fairy Riding Butterfly Oak Accent Box
Fairy Riding Butterfly

Dragon Tarot Oak Accent Box
Dragon Tarot

Hemp Marijuana Humor Oak Accent Box
Hemp Humor

Hermit Journey Oak Accent Box
Hermit Journey

Mermaid Classic Oak Accent Box
Mermaid Classic

Mustang Horse Oak Accent Box
Mustang Horse

Pirate Treasure Oak Accent Box
Pirate Treasure

Wild Wolf Pair Oak Accent Box
Wild Wolf Pair

Greek Titans Atlas Oak Trinket Box
Greek Titans Atlas

Medical Caduceus Symbol Oak Desk Box
Medical Caduceus Symbol

World Cat Celtic Oak Desk Box
World Cat Celtic

Celtic Tree of Life Oak Desk Box
Celtic Tree of Life

Cichlid Fish Oak Desk Box
Cichlid Fish Scene

Fairy World Oak Desk Box
Fairy World

Life Journey Oak Desk Box
Life Journey

Orca Killer Whale Oak Desk Box
Orca Killer Whale

Asian Dragon Oak Desk Box
Asian Dragon

Hand crafted designer oak accent boxes for the office desk, home accent, or school storage. Decorative and painstakingly slowly burned in the method know as pyrography.

Looking for something custom designed? Feel free to email me and lets see what we can do for you! Looking for wholesale pricing, contact: GYPSY BETH
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