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Altar Tiles, Patens, Pantons, Plaques, Traditional Offering Plates
Small Pentacle Altar tiles
5 Inch Pentacle
Altar Panton
Large Pentacle Altar Paten
Symbol of Man
13" Pentacle Altar Panton
Valknut Asatru Altar Plate
Symbol for Odin
Valknut Altar Panton
Celtic Knotwork Moon Phase Wheel of the Year Offering Plate
Wheel of Year
Offering Plate
Odin Symbol Altar Plate
13 Inch Honor to Odin
Oak Altar Paten Tile
Oak Leaf Pentacle Altar Plate
13 Inch Pentacle and Leaf
Oak Altar Paten
Celtic Tree of Life © 1990 Original Design by Jen Delyth.
13 Inch Celtic Tree of Life
Oak Altar Paten
Ying Yang Symbols Unique Angel design
Ying Yang Symbol
Angel design plate

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