Art Mandala Sunburst Pendulum Board

Mandala Sunburst Pendulum Chart

The Pendulum Chart is laid out for easy pendulum reading. Our Art Mandala Sunburst Pendulum Board is an artistic rendition of the ever popular sun designs of tribal art.
The standard Yes, No, dicotomies allow for specific responses to direct questions. Unclear and Unknown are also included as responses. The center star of your art mandala sunburst Pendulum Board is the start position.
The 4 general catagories Love, Wealth, Safety, and Health, can help if you are trying to determine a general area to begin your session. For those who use pendulums as mapping tools, or to locate something lost, directional markers are included on The Art Mandala Sunburst Pendulum Board.
Additional meanings cam be added to your Art Mandala Pendulum Board, by using a process of attunement with your board and your pendulum. By picking an open space and mentally attunting to the meaning or words you wish to have on the board it can be assigned meanings by sychronicity between you and your Art Mandala Symbol Board.

These handcrafted divination pendulum boards are constucted with solid wood framing and built to last a lifetime. Design and text are wood burned deeply by hand. All wood and design work is handcrafted by DragonOak.

Art Mandala: A symbol of wholeness - Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle. In religious art mandala is used to symbolize wholeness - the circle of eternity. However, the pattern of an art mandala, a circle with a center, reaches far beyond a two or three dimensional art form. Examples of art mandalas are found in nature. Every cell in our body, for instance, is a living mandala. So is the iris of our eye, a snow crystal, a bird's nest, even a bicycle wheel.
An art mandala can be viewed as powerful contemplative portals into new dimensions of being, seeing and expression. Art mandalas imitate a physical, proportional geometry that originates from the simple circle, creating a visually pleasing contemplative and balancing art form.

Art Mandalas are found everywhere and have powerful symbolism across all cultures

All circles have a center. This is principle of the center. The center is everywhere.
The center represents expansion and integration of opposites, micro and macrocosms.
The center also represents the soul, god or the individual.
Circles symbolize unity/time/universal cycles/life creation/eternity/god/sun.
Circles/mandalas contain all symmetries.
All of Nature's harmonious principles are exhibited through it's harmonious relationships.

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