Triquetra Symbol Pendulum Board

Triquetra Pendulum Chart

The Pendulum Chart is laid out for easy pendulum reading. Centered on the Triquetra Symbol Pendulum Board is a very popular Celtic Knot Triquetra symbol intertwined in a double circle. The corners are also celtic knotwork designs.
The standard Yes, No, dicotomies allow for specific responses and are located within the triquetra symbol along with a section for neutral when a specific answer is not available. Included in the triquetra symbol a + and - for positive and negative influences, the center circle is the start position.
The very outter tips of the triquetra symbol are left blank. These 3 spaces can be used to add additional meanings to your Triquetra Symbol Pendulum Board, by using a process of attunement with your board and your pendulum. The circles both outter and inner can also be assigned meanings by sychronicity between you and your Triquetra Symbol Board

These handcrafted divination pendulum boards are constucted with solid wood framing and built to last a lifetime. Design and text are wood burned deeply by hand. All wood and design work is handcrafted by DragonOak.

The Triquetra Symbol

A triquetra symbol is a three cornered shape which is used as a symbol in many cultures, ranging from traditional Christianity to pagan Celtic traditions. You may be most familiar with the triquetra in the role of Celtic art, where it appears extensively in a wide array of situations, from carved headstones to motifs in Celtic paintings. This design can be utilitarian and very simple, or incredibly ornate and quite beautiful, in the case of complex Celtic knotwork.

Typically, a triquetra symbol is formed by interlocking three identical shapes to create a distinctive three-cornered pattern. Archaeological evidence suggests that the triquetra symbol has been important in Celtic art for centuries, and it was also extensively used in Germanic paganism. Triquetra symbols can be found on many rune stones, for example, and they also appear in wooden and stone carvings found throughout Northern Europe.

People who follow pagan and New Age traditions which are said to be rooted in ancient Celtic practices often use the triquetra symbol as an expression of faith. Some say that it represents the Triple Goddess in her roles as Maiden, Mother, and Crone, for example, while others suggest that the triquetra reflects fertility, unity, and other ideas which are important to New Pagan practices.

In Christianity, the triquetra symbol is often used as a metaphor for the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The three shapes of the triquetra symbolize the individual members of the Trinity, with their unification symbolizing the unity of the Trinity.

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