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Cabinet Style Wiccan Supply - Pagan Altars
for Witchcraft, Wicca, Pagan, and Metaphysical Paths
Celtic Trifoil Cabinet Altar
Cabinet Pentacle
Celtic Trifoil Altar
Celtic Cedar Cabinet Altar
Cabinet Cedar
Celtic Triquetra Altar
Pentacle Oak Cabinet Altar
Oak Cabinet
Pentacle Altar
Spirit of the Raven from Beyond Cabinet Altar
Spirit of the Raven
from Beyond Altar
Sun Moon God Goddess Triquetra Altar
Sun Moon God Goddess
Cabinet Altar

DragonOakĀ’s Wood Shop makes and ritually crafts wiccan supply to include cabinet altars like those above.

Each cabinet altar is designed to accommodate storage of your wiccan supply items.

Solid Wood construction that is appropriate for you wiccan supply tools.

Easy access with burned design door for storage of your wiccan supply items.

Each cabinet altar and our wiccan supply items are personally handcrafted by DragonOak.

Our wood shop makes wiccan supply items for our store, to include altars, altar tools, pagan products, witch products, witches tools, witch craft items for paganism.

Our Wiccan supply product availability is based on most of our items are made to order, as we craft and ritually prepare them.

Wiccan supply items are available for purchase by credit card via paypal or google checkout, money order or check please allow time for check to clear the bank.

We offer Wiccan supply inventory sales via our web site where you can purchase wicca items, purchase occult supplies, wiccan supplies and witchcraft supplies.

Looking for something custom designed? Feel free to email me and lets see what we can do for you! Looking for wholesale pricing, contact: GYPSY BETH
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