Leo Zodiac Tarot - Trinket - Desk Box Real Oak

Solid Oak construction on this Leo Zodiac box
Leo Zodiac Oak Accent Box

Zodiac Oak Tarot Boxes

Symbols for the Leo Zodiac box are wood burned for a quality appearance.

Lift off lid for easy accessability to items stored inside the Leo Zodiac Box
Lift off lid that is solid on this Leo Zodiac Box
This lid on the Leo Zodiac box is solid and heavy, one you lift it off you will be assured of the quality on this box.

Free name engraving
Front symbol or free name engraved in its place on the Leo Zodiac Box

Sacred geomorty on this Leo Zodiac box
Your choice of this symbol or your name engraved for free in its place.

Sacred geomerty on this Leo Zodiac box
Inset lid for easy and snug fit with no slippage.

This Leo Zodiac box. Quality materials, hand crafted, and a unique hard to find item for that hard to buy for person in your life.

Traditional symbols for the Leo zodiac sun sign are burned into the lid of this box.

No metal fasteners are used in this box, as some believe metal transfers energy.

Completely hand made and hand crafted by DragonOak's Wood Shop, in order to produce that unique quality hard to find item.

Hand waxed for that outstanding finish that this product deserves.

This is your chance to own a quality Leo zodiac oak box.
The theme of this Leo zodiac box is the leo sun sign.
Leo is a constellation is the sky that is aligned with the earth and sun between July 23 to August 22 every year.
Those born during the period of July 23 to August 22 have the astrological birth sign of leo.
The study of the movement of the stars, heavens, moon, and planets is the study of astrology.
The movement of these celestial bodies tend to exert certain influences upon our psyche and personalities.
Leo Zodiac is the rulership of the 4th house in the astrological wheel chart.
Leo Zodiac personality traits include:
out going
and optimistic

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This leo zodiac box is designed for those born during the period of July 23 to August 22, this is the sun sign of the leo zodiac.

The leo sun sign is a dynamic and powerful sign of the zodiac, and this leo zodiac box is perfect for this type of personality.

Those born under the leo zodiac sign when the sun in the period of July 23 to August 22 are identified by certain personality characteristics.

Astrology is a study of the constellations and the stars path through our sky and the seasons that include the leo zodiac period.

Another term for the leo zodiac sign is also called the birth sign.

While noting that the study of the astrological phenomena of the stars movement via earth's sky, it is not the heavens that move but rather our planets path around the sun.

While people may not have the leo zodiac sun sign many are born with the moon in leo.

Leo zodiac characteristics govern the 4th house in the astrological wheel chart.

Characteristics of the Leo zodiac sun sign include out going, dynamic, bold, and people that like to shine.

Leo zodiac birth sign people tend to be dramatic, idealistic, and very proud.

Many of these individuals tend to be ambitious, creating and often very dignified as the symbol of the Leo Zodiac portrays.

Leo Zodiac people can be very romantic, quite generous, self-assured, and hopefully optimistic.