Coven Oak Dragon Column Flat Altar
with Drawer for your ritual supplies
Full Sized Altar
Dragon in Columns Design

Dragon Column Altar - Solid Oak

Real Oak!!
Full Sized Coven Altar in Real Oak!

Includes Drawer for coven supplies
Full Sized Drawer for storage of your pagan coven ritual supplies, and tools.
The perfect piece for your next coven ritual celebration, or your sacred coven space. Ideal for any Pagan Coven group, Wiccan Coven Group, or Individual Witchcraft Practitioner. Yet safe to give as a gift to your non-pagan friends. Based on human lore and mythology, stories of the ancients.

This magic Oak Dragon Column Flat Coven Altar has the mighty dragon columns wood burned in rich detail.

Solid Oak
A rare find!

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Sadly the use of the word coven in today's western influenced society tends to bring a negative meaning to the subject being described. Coven is neither evil nor bad, it simply means a group of like minded people who gather. Within the coven there is eduction, meditation, worship, and ritual. For the Jew it is the temple or synagogue, for the Christian it is the Church, for the Asatru it is the Folk meeting, and for those that practice witchcraft it is a meeting of the coven. So the next time you hear the word coven to react in fear and bias, rejoice that others have found their spiritual path as you have. In fact if you take the word Coven that comes from a medieval Scot word, and it simply means the gathering of any kind. So in reality, a church gathering is a coven, a mosque meeting is a coven, see the concept? The word coven comes from the Latin root word of covenire, which simply means to gather or to come together. This Latin root word also provided the base for the English word to covene. So ponder the word coven carefully and realize that you are also a member of many a coven.