Wicca Pagan
Altar Box
The Beauty of Pagan Symbolism
Wiccan Witches Pagan Altar Box!

Protection Boxes by DragonOak

Free Name Engraving
Unique Witches Altar Box!

Pentacle is wood scrolled by hand for lasting beauty. "And It Harm None, Do As Ye Will" in Theban script is wood burned on front facing side of the box by hand!

Tight Fitting Box Edge
Routed Edge Design!

This box can be utilized for tarot, runes, ritual tools, circle focus or keep sake box. No matter what you keep inside, it makes an attractive addition to any table or counter. This altar box is an excellent protection for your home, as well as its own contents. Plus a free protection binding ritual spell!

No metal is used in the final assembly of this altar box, as some believe that metal can interfere with the flow of energies during spell work.

This Wiccan altar box is hand crafted by DragonOak, "one who walks the pagan path". DragonOak has studied methods of divination for over 20 years and now brings forth hand crafted items that are for those seeking spiritual enlightenment.

Natural stains and finishes are used to protect the wood and highlight the beauty of wood.

Looking for something custom designed? Feel free to email me at **DragonOak** and lets see what we can do for you:


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Binding Ritual to Protect from Negitive Energy Sent to You

This is a basic binding ritual, that we have used when we found need to protect ourselves from powerful forces that were attempting to block everything we did. It is a simple ritual and as you can see, simply sends back negative energy to the sender. We did the ritual during the dark moon phase to banish negative energy, however, it could be done during any moon phase.

You would of course start the ritual by drawing a circle with sword, athame or wand. Calling the quarters, in whatever method you usually use, starting in the east. It is preferable that you state the problem you are experiencing, and if you know who the sender is, you may mention that person (or group), but only if you know for sure, otherwise keep it generic. You will ask the goddess and her lord to join the circle. Use a black bag with protection herbs and stones as the potion charm on the altar.

Bind the person using these words, or create some of your own. After the ritual, you will proceed with any other business, followed by the usual dismantling of your circle.

All that is above
And all that is below
In perfect love and
Perfect trust bestow.

Evil sent to me
Shall be magnified
And returned by 3
The message is ;
Do as ye will as
Long as it harm none.

If thou art bound
And justice be served
The Goddess bless
Thou gets what is deserved.

If making amends
Ye have not
For the harms
Ye have wrought
The Lord condemns

Banish now and forever more
Evil sent to harm
Lift from me this hex
And replace it with a charm.

Lord and Lady, thank you
For you presence here tonight
Bestow your light and energy
In this potion charm in sight.

Place your power within my grasp
Strengthen and protect.
Give power to my spell
In the name of the Goddess, so be it.