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Wood Spirit Boards - pre Ouija - Talking Boards - Spirit Board Instructions
Magically Infused Ouija Type Board
Spirit Board

Charmed Series Style Spirit Board
Charmed Ouija Style
Oak Spirit Board

Egyptian Seance Board
Spirit Board

Ancient Dragon Realm Spirit Board
Spirit Board

Celtic Ouija Board
Spirit Board

Mythical Beast Spirit Board
Mythical Beast
Pine Spirit Board

Round Owl 19inch Oak Spirit Board
Round Owl 19 inch
Oak Spirit Board

Fairy Magick Spirit Board
Fairy Magick
Spirit Board

Reiki Spirit Board
Spirit Board

Learn to use a Spirit-Ouija Board and Hold a Séance
How to Contact Spirits
Vol. 2 DVD

Custom Designed Wood Spirit Board
Custom Designed
Spirit Board
Custom Ouija Style Wood Board
Custom Designed
Oak Spirit Board
Egyptian w/Pyramids Spirit Board
Egyptian w/Pyramids
Spirit Board

Unicorn Spirit Board
Spirit Board

Wiccan Old English Spirit Board
Old English Wiccan
Spirit Board

Pagan Shaded Spirit Board
Pagan Shaded
Spirit Board

Gothic Gargoyles Spirit Board
Spirit Board

Gothic Undead Ouija Type Talking Board
Gothic Undead
Spirit Board

Theban Alphabet Ouija Type Spirit Boards
Spirit Board

Witches Theban Talking Board
Round Theban
Spirit Board

Celtic Knot Symbol Spirit Board
Regular Celtic
Spirit Board

Wiccan Talking Board
Spirit Board

Symbology Ouija Spirit Board
Symbol and Months
Spirit Board w/months

Shaded Magic Spirit Board
Shaded Magic
Spirit Board

Bell-Decae Wizard Board
Wizard Board

Good Luck Charm Ouija Style Spirit Board
Good Luck Charm
Spirit Board

Adams Family Ouija Style Spirit Board
Adams Family
Spirit Board

Haunted Forest Ouija Board
Haunted Forest
Ouija Board

Samhain Halloween Ouija Board
Samhain Halloween
Ouija Board

Hand Crafted Replacment Planchettes Works With Any Board
Hidden Pent Replacement Planchette
Replacement Planchette
Ouija Style

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Information of Spirit Boards

Did you know that the first Talking Boards were produced prior to 1890? There are references to similar mediums being used by the early Egyptians, Greeks, Babylonians, and even the Witches of the Middle Ages. By the 1920's their popularity was so great that many large newspapers ran articles and regular columns dealing with the phenomena of Talking Boards.

The spirit board we know and recognize today (originally manufactured from around the 1850's), were more successful, and made communication easier to understand than the table tapping which went before, (…one tap for yes, two taps for no). MY Oxford English Dictionary describes the Ouija as: A Trademark - A board marked with letters and signs over which a pointer is moved to indicate supposed messages from spirits. Some people will argue that communication with the Ouija board - classically, a wooden board decorated with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0-9 and the words YES and NO, was around before that time. According to Harpers, similar apparatus was used to communicate with the dead as early as 551BC!

Before the process of assembly line production took over, it was extremely important for the boards to be made of real wood. It was always the belief of the ancients that wood held certain magical qualities.

Spirit communication appears to have moved on to sophisticated new level, as the following example shows. At the beginning of 1993, a group of friends in the Norfolk town of Scole, (The Scole Experiment, By Jane & Grant Solomon), conducted a five-year investigation into life-after-death using a variety of spirit communication tools. The group produced some startling after-life evidence including impressive 'light shows', images on factory-sealed photographic film. Solid objects and even people appeared to materialise for the group. The spirits themselves communicated instructions for the building of complex contact devices for their own use! The Scole group were taken so seriously that electrical engineers, psychologists and astrophysicists were amongst those asked to participate, test and record what took place. Participants were convinced that discarnate intelligences were making direct contact with those present!

The Spirit Board is a tool to access occult knowledge. The standard definition of the word 'occult' is "hidden". That's it! Nothing evil or wicked is implied in the word.

Now, whether the hidden knowledge is part of your subconscious or comes from the spirit world is open to your interpretation...

Spirit boards DO work.
They will NOT bring evil spirits or bad luck into your life.
Unless of course, you really believe that they will...

Spirit boards are not the tool of the devil. I'm sure that Satan has better things to do than hang around your Spirit board. Besides, everyone knows that the tool of Satan is a Phillips Screwdriver...

DragonOak's pre Ouiji style Spirit Boards are sold for entertainment purposes only, and I make no guarantee that they will work. I do use my own spirit boards on a regular basis, with success, and have received reports from others who have had good results with them. [We must say this for the extreme conservative faction that has revitalized itself by making skepticism its basis for belief that anything outside the conservative narrow view does not work and must therefore be of the devil.]

The Spirit Board is a tool to access occult knowledge.

The standard definition of the word 'occult' is "hidden". That's it! Nothing evil or wicked is implied in the word. Now, whether the hidden knowledge is part of your subconscious or comes from the spirit world is open to your interpretation.

How to Cleanse your Spirit Board:
Depending on how much you use your spirit board, I do recommend a regular cleansing of the board, at least on a quarterly session and preferably every full moon (some use a dark moon or waning moon session to banish).

My own personal method for cleansing used on a monthly basis (full moon):
Supplies used:
Athame, Wand, or your Finger:
Herbs or Incense: Lavender, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sage, Lemon, or any combination,
Incense burner, cauldron, or a small charcoal burner.
One white candle and one black candle
To Stay mentally focused:

I recommend a herbal and sea salt cleansing bath of yourself prior to the cleansing.

Prior to drawing a sacred circle, I smudge with sage bundles, but any of the incense above will suffice. Light the incense or herbs and fully bathe both board and planchette in the incense smoke.

Draw a sacred circle of protection; often I make my circle with cedar branches. Or you can draw a protective circle with an athame, wand, or your finger.

While in the circle, incense should still be lit, light your candles and envision a white light around and within your circle. This light is often very intense, nearly blinding. The white candle strengthens the white light, feeding it and making it stronger. Any dark or negative energies are in turn absorbed into the black candle. When you feel the white light is complete and all negative energies are absorbed in the black candle, draw up the sacred circle with your athame, wand, or finger.

Discard the black candle, some bury the candle deep in the earth.

This is just my personal method, you may have or develop your own. You may want to simplify or expand on mine. What ever you do, should be comfortable and simple for you.

After all magic is all about intent… if your intent is pure and you feel comfortable not doing any ritual (knowing that you are protected) this is your choice.

Recharging your Board:

On the night of a full moon, I will leave the board and planchette in the moonlight overnight. If weather is bad do not leave the board out, rain and weather can damage these boards. I often place a quartz crystal with the board during recharging, which increases the moon energy. I do this because the moon influences divination, our inner self, and contact with the spiritual realm.

Using the Board:


Two or more people with hands on the planchette make the spirit connection more stable. Our skepticism is somewhat reduced to believe in the movement of the planchette during multiple participant sessions. Our skeptic minds tend to believe that it is someone else in the session moving the planchette. This skepticism allows the spirit to use that belief system, and therefore much easier to move the planchette themselves.

Burning Lavender (incense or herb) tends to welcome benevolent spirits for other realms. Burning frankincense tends to protect the session from not so benevolent ones.

Burning white candles during a Spirit Board session allows white light to protect the participants.

Low lighting in the room creates a better atmosphere for conducting a reading with the Ouiji type Spirit Board.

Using the Spirit Board around midnight seems to create a stronger connection to the spirit realm.

You can use the Spirit Board (Ouiji Board) on a table, or you can sit face to face with another and place it on your knees. I find a table is more stable in that some sessions may be very long, and you may desire to shift your weight or hands often.

It is a good idea to have someone writing down questions and responses. Often spirits speak in an abbreviated code of first letters of words (instead of whole words) and also they may spell things out phonetically. When we see it written out, it becomes more clear.

My Personal Warnings:

Do NOT use the Spirit Board in graveyards or sights of tragic death. Spirits bound to these places are often very confused and sometimes angry. Using a Spirit Board in these places can open a connection with those spirits to yourself and allow them to bind to you and/or the board.

Do NOT take the Spirit Board lightly; mocking the message deliver can cause unpleasant reactions. The idea here is that do you like to be mocked or taken lightly? Nor do the Spirits.

Do NOT believe everything just because it comes thru on a Spirit Board. When we pass to the other side, we tend to keep our personalities. We can joke, tease, and even lie; as can the spirits that come thru on these boards. They are still human so to speak. An angry human is not likely to mellow in death, although some may.

Take notes during your session, carefully evaluate all the information you get from beyond. If it does not sound right, or feel comfortable, you may want to consider banishing the spirit from contact. You may also want to do a basic cleansing or smudging or your board after a session. By all means test the information you get. Ask questions until you are sure the information you are receiving is consistant.

Basic Guide to Your Spirit Board