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Welcome - Wood Crafted Items Hand Made with Magick and Love especially for you. DragonOak offers a wide selection of Pagan Supplies, Wiccan Wood Products, Ritual Tools, Books of shadows, magic wands, spirit boards, futhark runes, fantasy and tarot boxes, all solid wood and handcrafted.

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Please review our **Policy Statement** All products are handcrafted to order. Please allow sufficient time for your product(s) to be built and finished. If you have any further questions once you have reviewed our policy, feel free to email **Gypsy Beth**

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Wicca Supplies, Pagan Ritual Supply, Hancrafted Metaphysical Tools
Wood Ouija Boards Pagan Altars w/Drawer Wood Books of Shadows Crafted Witches Wands
Solid Wood Ouija Boards
Solid Wood
Simple Ouija Board

Pagan Altars with Drawer, Celtic Wheel of the Year
Wheel of the Year Altar
with Drawer and Shelf

Solid Wood Books of Shadows
Goddess Symbol
Wood Book of Shadows

Specially Hand Crafted Wood Witches Wands
Real Willow
Crafted Witches Wand

Asatru Oath Ring Tribal Wood Necklaces Real Wood Rune Sets Wood Pagan Altars
Asatru Wood Ring of Oaths
Oath Ring

Unique necklaces made from wood and leather
Wolf Head
Tribal Necklace

Real Wood Rune Sets cut from wind blown branches
Elder Futhark Rune Sets

Popular Pagan Wood Platform Altars
Design Your Ritual Altar

Rune Casting Boards Portable Tarot Tables Two Drawer Pagan Altars Pagan Altar Boxes
Celtic Elemental Rune Casting Board
Celtic Elemental
Rune Casting Board

Portable Wood Celtic Tarot Table
Portable Celtic
Tarot Table

Small table top pagan altars with two drawers
Pecan Stained
Wiccan Altar

Wiccan Pentacle Altar Box
Wiccan Pentacle
Altar Box

Altar Plate Round Style Altars Tarot Boxes Viking Blot Bowl
Wooden Altar Serving Plates
Celtic Wheel of the Year
Altar Plate

Wiccan Pentacle and Leaf Round Altar
Round Altar Tables

Wooden Tarot Boxes
Tarot Box

Viking Wooden Blot Bowl
Viking Runed
Blot Bowl

Witches Herb Cabinet Group Sized Altars Zodiac Tarot Boxes Storage Chests
Protective and Magical Cabinet for storing herbs and potions
Witches Secret
Herb and Potion Cabinet

Coven or Group Sized Altars
Wiccan Group
Altar of Witchcraft

Zodiac Sceen Tarot Boxes
Leo Zodiac
Accent Box

Storage Hope Style Chests
Deer and Elk Scene
Storage Chest

Scrolled Pagan Themes Fantasy Boxes Oak Accent Boxes Pagan Cabinet Altars
Pagan Theme Wood Scroll Work
Wandering Tree
Scrolled Wall Item

Dragon and Wizard Fantasy Box
Dragon and Wizard
Fantasy Box

Fairy and Butterfly Oak Box
Fairy and Butterfly
Oak Accent Box

Oak in a mahogany stain, cabinet altar.
Oak Cabinet
Pentacle Altar

Thor's Hammer Pagan Maple Altars Pagan Altar Stands Pagan Outlet Covers
Symbol of Honor, Strenght, Might, and Protection.
Thor's Hammer
Wood Wall Mount

Oak King Greenman Altar
Oak King
Maple Altar

Pagan Altar Stands.
Pagan Designed
Altar Stand

Electrical Covers
Double Electrical Switch Cover

Tree Trunk Book Ends Pendulum Divination
Pentacle Tree Trunk Book Ends
Tree Trunk Book Ends

Triquetra Symbol Pendulam Charts Board
Triquetra Symbol
Pendulum Charts Board

Building Doll Houses

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Within our pages you will find information and products on the following pagan items:

DragonOak's Wood Shop Updates and notes about our products.

Wicca stores that cater to pagan needs can be found on our links pages.

The pagan movement of Wicca is one of the pagan paths DragonOak's Wood Shop caters towards.

DragonOak'’s Wood Shop specializes in hand crafted pagan supplies that include wiccan supplies for all pagans alike.

The broom or besom, the sword, the staff, the crystal wand, the cauldron, and incense burner are all the sacred pagan ritual tools of Witchcraft. DragonOaks Wood Shop hand makes staffs and wands for pagan rituals.

DragonOak’s Wood Shop specializes in the crafting of the wood talking board, many with pagan themes.

DragonOak'’s Wood Shop is one of few crafters of the pagan Seax-Wica style runes, which is an advanced set of the pagan Elder Futhark Rune. DragonOak also crafts pagan Witches Runes a rune system developed by Patricia Crowley. DragonOak’s Wood Shop also makes a variety of both pagan Elder Futhark Runes and pagan Northumbrian Runes on various different natural round wood types. Those types include Black Walnut, Hickory, Cedar, Sycamore, Honey Locust, Oak, Maple, and Willow for the Asatru and general divination pagans. And finally DragonOak’s Wood Shop crafts a very unique set of pagan made Elvish Runes (or Elfish Runes) based on the language and symbols of the elf culture.

DragonOak’s Wood Shop hopes to add wood crystal ball stands in the near future to our pagan supply line, so keep checking back for more.

DragonOak's Wood Shop creates hand crafted pagan ritual tools to be sanctified in your sacred space. The Magic behind the creation of pagan ritual tools and Wiccan pagan supplies is a process by which we are committed to our pagan customers.

DragonOak's Wood Shop specializes is a wide assortment of Pagan Altars and Wiccan Altars sometimes spelled as Pagan Alters or Wiccan Alters. Each of the wooden alters is crafted with the necessary elements of witchcraft. DragonOak's Wood Shop also has a line of pagan drawer altars and cabinet style altars that allow for storage of Wicca supplies. On one pagan altar we have even designed a symbol of Osiris and Isis. Several of DragonOak's Wood Shop pagan altar include Celtic design as the theme.

DragonOak's Wood Shop also specializes in the crafting of many pagan and regular style boxes, oak boxes, and designer boxes for our pagan and non pagan customers.

DragonOak's Wood Shop has recently begun working on a series of rune casting boards for the art of pagan rune casting. Each pagan rune casting board is made of solid oak.

DragonOak's Wood Shop recommends that when purchasing any pagan supplies, whether from DragonOak or not, one should focus on casting pagan cleansing spells for pagan consecration or to consecrate your pagan ritual tools.

DragonOak's Wood Shop has created a full line of pagan altars with drawers, specializes in the crafting of pagan custom altar, and is willing to craft your custom built altars, pagan or not.

DragonOak's Wood Shop creates many wood crafted items with pagan central themes. Some of those pagan themes are elves, elf, the dragon, and fantasy based themes. Other pagan themes include gargoyles, griffons, griphins, flower fairies, and the pagan celtic cross.

DragonOak's Wood Shop has posted a page on free spells for pagans. These free witch spells for pagans includes white magic spells. Love spells, attraction spell, more pagan witchcraft spells, free magic spells, real magic spells and magic and spells should be included in the future.

DragonOak's Wood Shop also uses pagan themes of the medieval times. Sometimes referred to as the period of the burning time for the witch. After the medieval period a renaissance of thought revival that included pagan ideology.

The pagan holidays like Samhain, or what we call today Halloween, are very important to many pagan groups. Samhain marks the beginning of the new year for many of the pagan groups.

GypsyBeth has posted some pagan poetry of hers and her favorites. GypsyBeth writes pagan poetry and pagan quotes for many of our products.

Many pagan pieces that DragonOak creates include a pentagram symbol, pentagrams, and/or pentacles. The ancients gave this pentacle symbol to the pagans of the period as a symbol of protection, it is the sign of man, representing fire, earth, water, air, and spirit. These are often referred to as the elements or elementals of earth, fire, water, and air. The fifth point of the pentacle the upright point is a reference to spirit, or essence of being.

DragonOak's Wood Shop also creates pagan magic wands for ritual and magick spells.

Another common symbol used by DragonOak's Wood Shop is the triquetra, sometimes referred to as the charmed symbol. The pagan triquetra are a symbol that is made popular by the television show called Charmed.

DragonOak's Wood Shop also creates many different pagan talismans and witches charms in a complete line of pendants.

Recently DragonOak has begun turning wood and hopes to offer chalices, or chalice, and pagan offering bowls in the near future.

Another common symbol used by DragonOak's Wood Shop is the pagan triskle most often seen on Asatru ritual items.

Many of the pagan magickal items created by DragonOak are used in rituals for the purpose of raising ritual magic. This magic can be very strong and should be used responsibly by pagans.

DragonOak's Wood Shop is also very keen of the pagan greenman is much of the art used by DragonOak.

DragonOak's Wood Shop also works closely with those that follow alternative pagan paths like Italian Witchcraft. Italian Witchcraft or strega, has been popularized by the author Raven Grimassi that has enlightened readers about the path and stregaslair or stregas lair.

When planning your pagan altar consider using altar items from DragonOak's Wood Shop like hand crafted altar tiles. Other items to consider using on your pagan altar are altar besoms, altar goblets, and altar cloths.

Much of the theme of DragonOak’s work is centered upon pagan art, Wiccan art, pagan art print, and witch crafts.

DragonOak's Wood Shop also has created a line of pagan Wiccan furniture or some may call it Wiccan pagan altars fairy, fairies, and or faeries line a childs desk.

Many of the pagan items created by DragonOak's Wood Shop have been imbued with prosperity blessing through prosperity blessings and/or protection blessing via protection spells.

DragonOak's Wood Shop has posted a list of favorite Wiccan books and favorite pagan books by such authors as Silver Ravenwolf, Scott Cunningham, and Raymond Buckland.

Many of the pagan altars constructed by DragonOak's Wood Shop also include candle holders to allow the used of spell candles such as household candles, votive candles, and pillar candles for pagan ritual use candles. If a pagan altar has candleholders and you would like to request not to have them included please let us know.

DragonOak's Wood Shop also has included several hand crafted pagan divination items. These divination items include runes and wood spirit boards made pre-ouija style and used by those psychic insight, in the old pagan traditions. Runestones are an evolution of the original pagan Wood runes that were given to man by Odin.

DragonOak's Wood Shop hopes to include in the near future pagan scrying mirrors and pendulums for scrying.

Another fascinating endeavor that DragonOak's Wood Shop recommends is crystal ball or sphere gazing, a ritual conducted by ancient pagans for discerning the future. DragonOak's Wood Shop hopes to add a line of crystal ball or sphere mounts in the near future.

DragonOak has written a summary of the pagan magic properties of gemstones, that include the gems and rocks of amethyst, aventurine, red aventurine, sunstone, hematite, rose quartz, peach quartz, strawberry quartz, crystal quartz, leopardskin, jasper, agate, bloodstone, moonstone, amber, carnelian, citrine, coral, garnet, geode, jade, lapis lazuli, malachite, marble, mother of pearl, obsidian, onyx, opal, tigers eye, smoky topaz, blue topaz, turquoise, crystals, and iolite. Also included in the line of pagan gemstones are crystal pendants and raw crystal with long historical use by pagan groups.

DragonOak has also written a summary of the pagan magic properties of herbs and how they are used in herbal spells. These herbals include; copal, myrrh, frankincense, sandalwood, lotus leaf, wormwood, peppermint, benzoin, angelica root, calendula, and marigold. More information about chamomile, bay leaf, cedar wood chips, cinnamon sticks, and eucalyptus leaf is on this page also. Be sure to see the magical properties of fenugreek seed, hibiscus, jasmine, lavender, and lotus leaf.

DragonOak's Wood Shop summary of the pagan use of herbs includes meadow sweet, milk thistle seed, fennel seed, and myrtle leaf. There are also pagan properties in oak moss, pau d arco bark, passion flower, patchouli, peppermint leaf and spearmint. Long standing pagan lore includes the use of pine needles, rose hips, red roses, pink roses, rosemary, witch hazel leaf, and uva ursi leaf. The pagan history of using magickal herbs is long and extensive to include wormwood, yarrow flower, yellow dock root, yerba mate, comfrey, honeysuckle, mullein, mugwort, cedar tips, violet leaf, red raspberry leaf, carnuba, sandalwood, aloeswood, agarwood, and periwinkle.

Many of the pagan rituals for preparing and creating pagan ritual tools include a ritual bath, oils and incense, burning of the incense, use of special resins, use of spell oils, an oil warmer, powdered incense, loose incense, stick incense, cone incense, incense burners, Japanese incense, and essential oils to permeate the air. These pagan rituals can include the use of ritual cloaks and robes. Also many pagan methods of aromatherapy include beeswax, paraffin, diffusers, censors, censers, incense cones, and incense sticks.

GypsyBeth has on occasion prepared spell kits for clients and would be happy to for future customers if it is requested. Maybe even a couple of grab bags can be prepared if requested.

DragonOak's Wood Shop hopes to add a hand made life of pagan athames and bolines in the near future.

DragonOak's Wood Shop has also created a line of wood pagan book of shadows or sometimes referred to as pagan books of shadow. These pagan book of shadows or bos include parchment for writing into your book of shadows. The pagan book of shadows is a perfect addition for any pagan witches altar. Often the spells and writings in the pagan book of shadows is done with wax seals, seal, sealing wax, quill, or quills, on parchment, in doves blood ink, dragons blood ink, or bats blood ink. Often to keep the writings in the pagan book of shadows secret many utilized the witches alphabet or the Theban language. These pagan book of shadows can be also used as journals, wooden journals, and as wooden books of shadows.

DragonOak's Wood Shop works with and creates products that are a sign of the new age. These pagan creations are often based on the occult, and deal with the magical, magick, and magickal nature of the world around us. DragonOak's Wood Shop creates pagan magic tools and magickal tools that are designed to empower the practitioner in the rhelm of magic.

DragonOak pagan designs include working with the Celtic rhelm of the fairies.

DragonOak's Wood Shop has devoted many of the pagan creative pieces to the Egyptian path of magic that include the ankh, ank, or anck, the lotus, Egyptian pantheon and pantheons, the Egyptian scarab and Isis and Osiris.

DragonOak often utilizes the cloak and/or robe into the rituals for preparing pagan ritual tools. This can include pagan spellwork that utilizes aromatherapy. Never forget the mojo created by these rituals and always to honor the pagan god and goddess.

Many of the pagan items for sale, and Wiccan items for sale include art that is centered upon the fae, dragon, king of fairies, the Goddess, and the God. DragonOak has created a divine druid altar, hand crafted in the pagan tradition.

Many of the items DragonOak has created for the witches pagan path are centered upon the Craft. Witchcraft is the art of crafting and spell weaving ones talents into reality. This can include the art of the pagan kitchen witch or herbal witchery.

DragonOak's Wood Shop observes and honors the sabbats or sabbet and esbat of the pagan holidays to include Beltane, Yule the Winter Solstice, Mabon, Imbolc, the Summer Solstice, ostera, and the equinox. A wheel of the year calendar altar was created by DragonOak to observe these pagan holy days.

A line of pagan amulet, talisman, charms, that are sacred and charmed and centered upon the circle has been added by DragonOak's Wood Shop.

DragonOak's Wood Shop honors many deities that include the horned god, the stag, the stag god, deer, Zues the King of the Gods, and many others pagan deities.

DragonOak's Wood Shop also caters to the pagan paths of the eclectic follower, voodoo and the use of poppets or dolls, shamanism and shamans, Strega or Stregha and the use of strega liquor, those from ceremonial magic paths of the sorceress and wizard.

DragonOak's Wood Shop also offers free name engraving on many of its products in either runic which is elder futhark, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Theban the language of the witches, or old English font.

DragonOak's Wood Shop embraces the pagan Wiccan path that follows the Wiccan Rede, as another popular form of paganism. Other terms that are used as synonyms to Wicca are witchcrafts, witchery, sorcery, witta, wikka, wikkan, wican, wykka, wykkan, wycca, wyccan, widda, wyrd, and wryd. We specialize in the crafting of pagan ritual items to include altar patans, pagan spell boxes, altar boxes, pagan wands, altar tray, pagan altars, and much more, at DragonOak's Wood Shop.

DragonOak's Wood Shop advises using pagan herbal bath bags to complete the steps necessary for pagan ritual preparation.

Great care should be taken when committing to love spells and love spell kits. We at DragonOak's Wood Shop realize that this is a life long or years long commitment that and that you may get what you don’t want. Any pagan should think long and hard before committing to these kinds of pagan spells.

Consider using pagan spell bags as a focus to any pagan spell working you carry out.

A very extensive line of tarot boxes to tarot cards have been added by DragonOak's Wood Shop as an addition to their pagan supplies.

In the future we, at DragonOak's Wood Shop, hope to added etched glass with glasses and glassware for a chalice to our line of pagan products.

DragonOak's Wood Shop depends upon the magickal preparation and the use of pagan magick systems for creating many pagan ritual tools.

Wood scrolled pagan items have been included by DragonOak's Wood Shop, for use as household ornaments or ornament.

GypsyBeth designs and coordinates some of our gothic vampires supplies for those that follow the path of Goth.

Our focus at DragonOak's Wood Shop is to provide hand crafted pagan ritual tools that are metaphysical and from our occult knowledge. These ritual tools are products many would shop for at a wicca store, pagan stores, occult store for occult supplies. While DragonOak appreciates that the options for the path of enlightenment is many, very rarely has he worked with black magic into his pagan crafts, and this is only done by request.

DragonOak's Wood Shop honors those pagans that sacrifice for the lesbian, homosexual, gay pride, and rainbow pride movements.

Custom pagan crafts are designed by DragonOak to create quality gifts from out metaphysical store in the newage.

On DragonOak's Wood Shop pagan magickal uses of herbs page please read the medical disclaimer, and while herbology and the natural healing properties of herbs has been long known, always consult a physician prior to use. Studies of herbology include coffee, roots, and spices for use in tinctures. Some recent aromatherapies have started used some aromatic herbs as a base for candle dye and herbal soap. Some recent studies of orcanic coffee have indicated that some forms of the organic herbs to include expresson and espresso may actually be good for you. And don’t forget the healing properties of soy, soy drinks, black tea, and green tea during a tea ceremony to add into you daily diet.

Please add to the magicakal properties of pagan gemstones the additional properties of fossils and crystal glass.

The magical pagan use of herbs is also a base element to consider when doing alchemy. Alchemists use herbs in soap, bath salt, massage oil, oil lamp, warming lamps, and of course the base of essential oils.

DragonOak's Wood Shop specializes in new age pagan products designed as an oracle for fortune telling. The elder furthark rune system is one of a casting method. We carry boxes designed to protect your tarot cards and tarot deck.

DragonOak's Wood Shop carries a full line of hand crafted, many with pagan symbols of spirit boards, spiritboards, and witchboards in the old Ouija style and you do not have to be a psychic to use one. Sometimes these boards have been used for necrotic contact of the grateful dead.

DragonOak’s Wood Shop carries a full line of pagan books of shadows that can also be used as a journal for automatic writing. These wood books can also be used as dreaming journals to record your dreams.

DragonOak has personally writing a guide on tarot readings.

DragonOak has also written a guide on the basics of astrology. These cover the astrological methods of reading horoscopes and/or horoscopes. The study of astrologie may also be termes as astrology, astrology, strolgy, and astrolog. Sometimes the study of astrology includes biorythms.

For the strong traditional people of Asatru, DragonOak's Wood Shop also creates many items for this Norse pagan path. We carry Nordic altars, that symbolize Odin, Thor, and Freya. We also carry a version with symbols for Odin, Thor, and Frey. We have an altar that is entirely dedicated to Odin with a depiction of Odin’s Horn. We also have an altar box with Thor’s Hammer.

DragonOak's Wood Shop is currently considering creating wood vessels, wood vials, and a wood pillbox. While maybe not the pagan tradition of witchcraft use of amber vials or amber bottles they will be quite magickal indeed.

DragonOak does many of his creations with pagan icons and hopes to one day expand to pagan wood statues.

Please be sure to add DragonOak's Wood Shop to your list of bookmarks and check back since we are always adding new pagan products.

DragonOak's Wood Shop specializes in wicca supplies, pagan supplies, and occult supplies that are pagan made with pagan pride.

Some of DragonOak’s pagan altars are designed to feel more like a shrine.

On DragonOak’s to do list is to create pagan athame and boline from wood.

Another project on DragonOak’s to do list is the to create pagan circlet, crown, troc, and maybe even a torc.

Recently DragonOak's Wood Shop has begun using a lathe and hopes to produce wood goblets in the near future.

DragonOak's Wood Shop line of Ouija style Spirit Boards is popular among the gothic store and pagans alike.

DragonOak in the past has worked to create magickal products for the path of voudou, vodou, voo doo, voodou, hoodoo, and hoo doo. DragonOak’s energy is limited of the type of products he can complete, but if you have a special request please let us know.

Often when a pagan works with spell casting to include love and money spells it involves casting a circle with a wand. DragonOak hand crafts wands for this purpose.

DragonOak’s natural wood elder futhark rune sets are often used as pagan ritual items as a method of divination for prediction and to forecast coming events. You are not required to be psyic, pschic, or psychic to use these items.

DragonOak's Wood Shop has recently added a Ouija style spirit board that is bearing full of good luck charms meant to endow the pagan user with lucky charms, good luck, and luck in general, be sure and check it out.

At DragonOak's Wood Shop the study of the occult or occultism is the method of uncovering hidden knowledge. This may include the pagan study, but not necessarily the use of, white magick and black magic. Sometimes white lighters pass down this occult knowledge to DragonOak and GypsyBeth.

Many of DragonOak’s pagan creations cover many different traditions of covens across the world. Our pagan creations recognize that some traditions establish a high priest and/or a high priestess. We are online and willing to work with you.

DragonOak's Wood Shop has a natural affinity for working the faerie Wicca path of the fairie Fey. Our affinity for the fairy kingdom includes the Celtic traditional acceptance of faire folk. DragonOak’s Wicca spells often include the fairy folk magic as part of his ritual.

In honor of Avalon and the British traditional legend of King Arthur he has created an altar with a castle to honor the legend of old.

DragonOak's Wood Shop has created a pagan Greek altar with Greek deco style that includes the arrows of Apollo and Apollo’s Harp.

In the tradition of Wicca, DragonOak has crafted an altar box with a deer head pentacle.

DragonOak's Wood Shop has a fantasy box to honor the tradition of pagan Asatru, the Vikings, and the Viking ships.

DragonOak's Wood Shop recognizing the pagan Native American and Celtic totems and the totem animals. These totem animals include the wolf or wolves, buffalo, owl and Athena’s owl, crow, raven, bear, unicorn, and the butterfly.

DragonOak's Wood Shop has a tarot box recognizing the hermit and the lifestyle of the hermit.

DragonOak has crafted a pagan alter depicting dragon pillars of dragon artwork.

A crafted pagan altar with a mystical garden gateway arch is designed to enable astral work and ascension..

Soon DragonOak's Wood Shop will be adding Ogham sticks, a Celtic method of divination to our pagan rune line.

Several pagan altars crafted by DragonOak focus on the mother maiden and crone concept of the triple moon and the triple goddess.

Be sure to check out GypsyBeths blog on the rich tradition of pagan Roma and the Gipsey, Gipsy, Gypsey, Gypsie, or gypsy,

DragonOak's Wood Shop focuses on the necessity of spirituality, it is not as much about the path we journey, as much as it is about being on a path, pagan or not.

DragonOak's Wood Shop honors the traveling minstrels, for without them our pagan history, culture, and ideology would have been lost long ago.