Eye of Thoth Symbol Scroll

Eye of Thoth Symbol Accent Scroll is approximately 4" X 6" tall. Attractive Home Decor item for the wall.

This Scroll is hand crafted by DragonOak. Made with the reverence of the old gods.

Natural stains and finishes are used to protect and highlight the beauty of natural wood.

Shipping method used is United States Parcel Post Mail unless otherwise agreed. Additional charges may apply. Shipping charges quoted are for shipments within the continental United States. Orders outside for the continental United States will incur additional shipping charges to accommodate the actual cost.

Each wood scroll saw project is hand cut from quality materials and designed to last for generations. Cut to be a unique and aesthetically pleasing home décor and/or accent piece that would fit any style.

Each wood scroll saw project is hand crafted an individual; no two are exactly alike, unlike many machine-processed items in today’s market. Three steps are taken in created wood scrolls, first the picture is drawn onto the wood, second tiny holes are drilled in the wood to allow for the scroll saw blade to be pressed in, then one cut at a time the wood is cut according to the scroll design. Edges are finely sanded and the piece is hand stained and varnished. Creating wood scroll saw projects are very time consuming task to create individual scrolls, unless machines in a cookie cutter fashion process the item. There is something to say for the sake of individuality and creativity that hand crafted pieces are far superior to machine crafted, because they are imbued with the individuality, love, and heart of the crafter.

Looking for something custom designed? Feel free to email me at **DragonOak** and lets see what we can do for you:


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