Norse Runes Oath Ring

Solid Cedar cousin to the Yew of Europe

Honoring the Asatru traditions and Heathanism.

Asatru Oath Ring from Solid Wood

The symbol by that which all oaths are sworn

Hand cut and wood burned into the face of the Norse Runes Oath Ring is the charge of the Raven banner.

T he edge of the Norse Runes Oath Ring rim is wood burned the charge of the Raven Banner in runic lettering.

Each Norse Runes Oath Ring measures approximately 6 inches across and 1/2 inches deep. This Norse Runes Oath Ring is made from solid cedar the North American cousin to the Yew.

The Following charge is wood burned into the oath ring in this sample picture as follows:
I swear to ever uphold the Raven Banner of Asgard, to follow the way of the North, to always act with honor and bravery, and to be ever true to the Aesir and Vanir and to Asatru. By the Gods I so swear. By my honor I so swear. On this Holy Ring I so swear. Hail the Gods.

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Norse Runes Oath Ring

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