Custom Rune Casting Board from solid oak

Viking Aett Rune Casting Board

Attractive Home Decor item can be utilized for hanging when not using. Perfect for casting the various types of available runes to include, elder futhark runes, northumbrian runes, witches runes, and elvish rune sets.

Custom Design Your Own Hand crafted Oak Rune Casting Board

Your designs, Pictures are a sampling only.

Custom Designed Rune Casting Boarding! Pictures are for example only

These Rune Casting Boards are hand crafted by DragonOak.

Natural stains and finishes are used to protect and highlight the beauty of natural wood.

This is your chance to put your design ideas on your own Oak Rune Casting Board. The ultimate personalized piece, hand crafted by DragonOak exclusively for you! Your custom designed rune casting board is magickally imbued with the wisdom of Odin and the Might of Thor. Other fine hand crafted items include wood futhark rune sets, rune boxes, asatru altars, and more.

No one else will have your design.

Pictures are for example only

The pictures you see here are only examples of custom designs DragonOak has previously wood-burned. (they will not be reproduced)

Individually Unique Item to your Specifications as agree below.

Pictures are for example only

Pictures are for example only Don't think you have artistic ability? That's OK! Send us graphics or links to graphics that can be copied and we will put them on this custom Oak Rune Casting Board. We do not charge for the graphics, only for the time and work it takes to modify them to size, and wood-burn them. Add your own words or pick a common phrase. This is your chance to express your own true self. Since we will be starting from the build up on this designer Oak Rune Casting Board, if you would like a slight size variation we can do it here (this may result in an added fee). All designing and sizing requirements would be settled by email prior to invoice. Please realize that it may take several weeks to complete this project, depending on a variation of conditions including the amount of time it takes to work out the details, building the Oak Rune Casting Board, the number of designs and time it takes to modify your graphics, how many orders DragonOak has on the wood-burn table, etc. Once an agreement to all the design and size requirements is met, and an invoice is paid, there will be no refunds issued as this is your custom made Oak Rune Casting Board.

Looking for something custom designed? Feel free to email me and lets see what we can do for you! Looking for wholesale pricing, contact: GYPSY BETH
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