Mythological Unicorn of Fantasy and Legend Leather and Wood Rune Necklace

Crafted As It Was To Be My Own

Fantasy & General Designs Suede & Wood Tribal Necklace

Mythological Unicorn of Fantasy and Legend wood burned into the oak rune – disk for everlasting beauty, and in accordance with true tribal tradition. Made from the mighty oak for durability and beauty.

Includes 34" leather cord.

Wood burned for everlasting beauty

Includes 34" leather strap that is loose, allowing you to tie to a length that is comfortable. Each symbol is burned on an oak rune that ranges from 1" to 1 3/4" wide and approximately 3/8" thick.

Made with positive energies.

Finished with linseed oil, an oil used for over four thousand years due to its protective yet natural properties. Final product will vary from picture as each piece is individual and no two are exactly alike.

Crafted by DragonOak. Many designs to choose from and we take custom requests.

Are you “Going Tribal”? Our tribal necklaces are created in the time honored fashion of the ancient tribes, by wood burning the symbol into a natural piece of wood and strung with real suede leather. The wood disks are cut from natural branches, to embody the symbols our subcultures have come to know as tribal. In the honor of the great tribes of human existence, which include Viking, Aztec, Mayan, Egyptian, Gaul’s, Celts, Tartars, etc., we create our natural Tribal Necklaces.

What is Tribal and How Does it Apply to a Subculture? Notably tribal goods and patterns have appeared throughout recent societies, a sort of resurgence of a primitive cultures drive and connection to ancient times. It is the application of simple symbols that represent: instinct, drive, and motivations that prompts one to use the symbols of tribal motifs. Tribal, which will be probably argued by sociologists that say the world is still flat, is a culture to its own. Tribal culture is usually comprised of persons of middle to lower class, usually hard working, hard playing, and often rugged individualists. These members of the subculture wear the tribal symbols with pride and as symbolic representations of the things that are important to them. Tribal symbols are sometimes absorbed into the upper classes, without concern for meaning or creativity, as a fad of the times, which they will cast off with the next passing fancy. Usually persons of the tribal subculture have a greater understanding of spirituality, sociology, and individuality, often having had endured endless hardship and obstacles.

In essence “going tribal” is in its own right a level of spiritual and social exploration, and humankind attempt to go back to more natural methods of existence. So are you going Tribal?

Looking for something custom designed? Feel free to email me at **DragonOak** and lets see what we can do for you:


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