Greek Gods Apollo and Demeter Ancient Style Two Drawer Altar / Night Stand / Chest / Dresser

Each Greek Gods Altar Is Crafted As It Was To Be My Own
Greek Gods Two Drawer Night Stand / Altar Hand Crafted!

Greek Columns Altar

Greek Gods chest with two drawers that would be a nice night stand, chest, dresser, and/or altar.
Greek Gods chest with Greek designs wood burned into sides, top, and drawers.
Old traditions

Greek Gods altar is complete with a greco theme.
Another unique one of a kind Greek Gods piece.
Returning to the path of enlightenment

Two full sized drawers. Top of the Greek Gods altar is tiered columns in a gateway to a new land.
Greece home of thought and self knowledge

Top drawer of the Greek Gods dresser is inscribed "Know Thyself - Nothing In Excess"
with Lyre, Bow, and Arrows close to the tradition of Apollo and Demeter.
On the bottom drawer of the Greek Gods chest is Apollo with the 9 Muses.
Greece Represents mans correct path.

Apollo & Demeter as God and Goddess of Greek tradition are wood burned into the sides as shown. Honor to the Greek Gods,

Greek Gods and Ancient Traditions

20" Long X 11 1/2" deep X 16" tall.
Honor to the Greek Gods Enlightened Ones

Theme on the Greek Gods chest is wood burned by hand for everlasting beauty. Stained and finished for rustic appearance.

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A stunning chest of drawers depicting the Greek Gods of Apollo - God and Demeter - Goddess. This Greek Gods altar is based on the mythology of ancient greece and recited by the historians of the old epics of ancient history. Also on the drawer is Apollo among the 9 - nine muses. This Greek Gods altar can suffice as a drawered chest, night stand, or dresser. The Greek Gods altar is made from solid wood. By the right of artiemis we also specialize in custom items.