Blessed Be Wiccan Altar w/Two Drawers
Strega Spirit Flame Ritual

A Wiccan Altar that is Made to Last Generations based on the Salutation of Blessed Be

Crafted As It Was To Be My Own
Wiccan Altar with Blessed Be Salutation and Two Drawers!

Witches Altar with Two Drawers

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Triple Moon Symbol for the Goddess
Solid Construction to last for years. Blessed Be salutation is engraved into the drawer creating an environment of positive energy.

The Blessed Be text can easily be change to So Mote It Be or Merry Meet, just request with your payment.

These Blessed Be Wiccan altars with blessed be is made from natural wood. Each wiccan altar table includes two drawers for safe keeping of your magickal items, wand, athame, tarot cards, runes, small crystal ball, or other ritual tools and witch supplies, and is empowered with the blessed be salutation. This is a handcrafted wiccan altar that will last for generations, similar to items we found in grandma's attic, complete with triple goddess and blessed be.

Drawers for safe keeping of magickal items
No Metal is Used in the Final Construction of this Wiccan Altar with Blessed Be.

Order your Blessed Be Wiccan Altar today!!

Two Brass Candle Holders Fits standerd household candles
Two wood burned pentacles with brass candle holders, triple moon goddess and blessed be salutation adorn this wiccan altar.

Two Pentacles,Blessed Be, God symbol, and Goddess symbols wood burned for long lasting beauty on this wiccan altar. On bottom drawer is wood burnt "Blessed Be" (We can custom change this to fit your path). Made from white wood which is associated with the element of fire (action) due to the conical shape of the tree. Beautifully stained in a golden oak color and danish oil finish for durability and a natural look.

This Blessed Be Wiccan Altar is completely hand crafted by DragonOak, "one who walks the pagan path". DragonOak has studied methods of divination for over 20 years and now brings forward handcrafted items in the old traditions fit for all your ritual and spell casting needs.

No metal is used in the final assembly of this wiccan altar, (except for the brass candle holder) as some believe that metal can interfere with the flow of energies. Blessed Be is used to complete the energy of this altar with positive white light. See also Raven Grimassi Spirit Flame Ritual.

Natural finish is used to complete this Blessed Be Wiccan Altar.

Looking for something custom designed? Feel free to email me and lets see what we can do for you! Looking for wholesale pricing, contact: GYPSY BETH
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Strega Hereditary Italian Witchcraft - from Raven Grimassi

The Spirit Flame:

In the Aridian Tradition, it is the focal point of the altar. A bowl is placed upon the center of the altar, and is filled with a special liquid, which will burn a blue flame. The appearance of the blue flame represents the presence of Divinity, within the ritual setting. The use of fire as a sacred symbol is one of the most ancient of practices.

If you wish to experience the Spirit Flame, you can perform the following, using any high quality perfume, or cologne. Strega Liquore is excellent, and contains all but one of the original ingredients (it is quite expensive, however). Place the bowl in the center of your altar (the bowl must be able to hold fire). Fill the bowl about half full. Set two altar candles, forward of the bowl, off to each side (you are forming a triangle; the bowl is the bottom point of an inverted triangle). Light the candles, and extinguish any other source of light. With a ritual tool such as a wand or blade, trace a crescent over the liquid, and say:

"In the name(s) of ____________
and by this sacred sign
be this the Essence of the Divine"

Then take a lit match and touch it, gently, to the surface of the liquid (do not use any liquid other than perfume or Liquor/ liquore). As you light the bowl say :

"I call upon Thee ___________________
be Thou present at this sacred place "

A beautiful blue flame will appear, and gently dance upon the surface of the liquid. We consider the flame to be sacred, and we use it to bless objects, empower tools, and create our ritual circles/sacred space. Feel free to experiment with it, but please treat it with respect. Allow the flame to go out by itself.

This ritual has been preserved among the Hereditary Clans, and is still an aspect of all ritual gatherings. It is the oldest of our "laws" that nothing may be removed from the Teachings, so we still keep the Old Ways alive (we can add to our material, but we cannot remove anything). In Italy, Strega Liquore has been used as the Spirit Flame liquid, since it was first distilled in 1873. Originally the recipe was sold to the Alberti family, by some Strega (Italian for witch), with the exception of one certain ingredient. Before this, a liquid made from a mixture of distilled grape wine, and distilled grain, was the basis for the Spirit Flame liquid. It was quite similar to Brandy, which was first distilled around 100 AD.

Scenes showing fermentation appear on pottery made in Mesopotamia as early as 4200 BC The earliest forms of Spirit Flame Liquid would have been a fermented substance, followed later by ones which were distilled. I am not at liberty to go into the individual ingredients, unfortunately. However, Strega Liquore is about as close as one can get without being initiated.

taken from The Pagan Library pages on Heriditary Italian Witchcraft by Raven Grimassi: Hereditary Italian Witchcraft

This is a wiccan salutation meant to empower both parties with blessed be powers. The Blessed Be salutation is a process of transferring positive energy to both parties. So when Blessed Be is engraved on this Wiccan Altar, it is done so with the intent to create a positive atmosphere that aligns the witch with the powers of the universe. This Blessed Be Wiccan Altar is created with positive intent wishing the patron and all those that surround that patron the blessed be exaltation. Consider why this Blessed Be Wiccan Altar was created, what the Blessed Be salutation really means, and how Blessed Be energy can improve you life. Most of all know that DragonOak and GypsyBeth wish you Blessed Be, many blessings, and the bounty of life. Blessed Be is not just a set of words for us, it is a way of life, or one could say Blessed Be life.