Naturally Magickal Authentic Wood Wand

Made from the qualities of Mother Earth

Image of each wood wand is unique
Turned Oak Wood Wand!

Hand Turned Wand

Each wood wand measures from 7" to 16" in length and are made from natural fallen wood branches.

Image of a oak wood wand

Each oak wood wand is tapered at the point for focus and will of casting magic. The handle is crafted with ridges for easy handeling.

Image of each wood wand is unique

Wood burned into the wood wand, near the handle is the words of magic, "So Mote It Be" in Theban script. Theban is the written language of the witches. Above the the script is wood burned a pentacle for protection and power imbued into the wand.

Image of each wood wand is unique

Fine detail and fine craft on this wood wand with inscription. A very rare find. Each wand is approximately 13" (moons in a year) long and 3/4" thick at the handle end.

Authentic wood wand that is made as a witches wand from solid oak.

A wood wand made from natural wood from fallen oak branches. Each wood wand is naturally turned and carved on a wood lathe.

The wood wand is often used by witches for casting a circle for pagan rituals. The wood wand allows the witch to apply focus magic of their spell crafting.

As part of the wicca craft the wood wand is an essential part of the ritual tools used.

Each wood wand is harvested from oak tree from dead or fallen branch.

This is the element of the authentic witch wood wand made from forest offering and with a close connection to nature.

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