Natural Magickal
Witches Wands

Made from the qualities of Mother Nature

Each piece is unique
Natural Wand !
Natural Branch Wands
Natural Cyrstals
Each wand has a natural crystal embedded in the point

Beautiful pieces that will last for years to come
Each wand is totally unique, these pictures do not do them justice

Wands measure 12" to 16" in length and are made from natural wood.  This is a handcrafted wand that will last for generations, similar to items we found in grandma's attic.

Each wand is hand finished with only natural materials.

Each wand has a mounted natural crystal on the end point. All crystals have been foraged by the maker in the Washita Mountains

Each wand is hand crafted by DragonOak, one who walks the pagan path. The first order of creating a magickal tool is the craftier, did they design it to be magickal, or just to make money? DragonOak creates his tools to be for magickal application.

Using only natural materials and working with the natural shape of the wood, these wands provide focus and energy for spell working. The second order of creating magickal tools, is the items its self from raw materials being crafted solely for the purpose of magic.

Working with the natural element of the specific quality of the wood involved. Different types of woods work better with attuned spells. Magic of the third order is working with natural elements and their relationship to magick. Oak is long standing, willow is healing, cedar is cleansing, etc.

Working with the magical orders and the craftier is important. Put it this way, would you ask the gardener to be your physician?

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Please review our **Policy Statement** All products are handcrafted to order. Please allow sufficient time for your product(s) to be built and finished. If you have any further questions once you have reviewed our policy, feel free to email **Gypsy Beth**

Historical & Magickal Uses of Gemstones
Abalone Shell

Good for strengthening muscles. Invigerating. Works on all the chakras.

African Pyrite

Used for focus, practicality, logic, memory, clearing fuzzy thinking/scattered ness etc. like Hematite. Helps Yellow Chakra: Stomach, intestines, ulcers; sulphur and mineral assimilation, circulation, body acidity imbalances, depression, illusions/lack of clarity about situations/people. Great for grounding spiciness after meditation/psychic readings. Represents Sun's golden energy.


Relating to the skeletal part of the body, spasms, soothes nervous system, stengthens physical stamina.


Healing, calming mental effect, enhances the meditative state, creates pure thoughts, spiritual insight, relaxation, higher values. Also transmutes negativity and enhances the dream state.

Apache Tear

A stone of protection that prevents emotional draining from others, works as a shield against unwanted vibrations, sharpens vision, helps with transitions.


Increases visionary powers, intuition and perception, a stone of opportunity and good luck, aids with emtional stablization.


A stone of protection to prevent injury and disease. Used for blood purification and aids circulation.

Blue Quartz

A good healing stone for linking heart with Throat and Brow Chakra to expand self expression and creativity, plus refining communication skill to new levels. Eases throat tension. Immune system, thyroid, iodine and B Vitamin use. Some say shining light through Blue Quartz can help reduce need for glasses. Still evolving. Yin.


Stimulates energy and appetitie, physical power and courage, helps to ground you to the physcial plane, practical application of ideas.

Dalmatian Jasper

Aids memory retention and development of psychic ability.

Green Moss Agate

Good for blood sugar balance and Anorexia. Works on heart chakra. Also can bring back a sense of self esteem.


It is one of the most grounding of all stones, it reduces stress and combats insomnia. It is said to help increase courage, concentrate energy and strengthen the heart. It is very beneficial to those attracted to it, but it is one of those stones that you either love or hate.


This is a white stone with a high calcium content, this makes it an ideal stone for pregnant and nursing mothers. It is good for deepening sleep thus recovering wisdom from the dream state.


Health, wealth, longevity stone. Ancient Chinese used it also for courage, wisdom, justice, mercy, emotional balance, stamina, love, fidelity, humility, generosity, peace, and harmony. Lungs, heart, thymus, immune, kidney and blood detoxification and the nervous system. It is a very popular gemstone projecting universal love, health, wealth and long life.


Placed on brow, this opens the 3rd eye and blue/throat Chakra. Enhances psychic images, foresight, consciousness, meditation, and communication. Place on 3rd eye; answers questions, especially in imagery. Brings out our natural ability to manifest things into reality via thoughts and visualization. Gives peace and Tranquillity.

Lapis Lazuli

In meditation, opens Brow Chakra: higher guidance, intuition, and connection to higher self, overview, and decisions for good of all. Organizes, quiets mind. Opens Throat/Thyroid Chakra: Self-expression, writing, creativity, dream insight...Anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, autism, shyness, nervous system; MS, speech, hearing, pituitary, DNA, lymph, inflammation, pain (especially head), protection.

Mahogany Jasper

Increased grounding and protection.


On brow: Stimulates physical and psychic vision and concentration.Egyptians used green Malachite paste for eye makeup,calling it Udju,they believed it gave them psychic protection.


Powerfully expands psychic ness, channelling. On Heart Chakra. Eases longing to leave earth. On pillow, brow, and crown: Telepathic access to spiritual laws, info from higher regions/places to help us and Earth to be healthier and more spiritual. An intense meteorite helping people incarnating from elsewhere be more comfortable here on earth (reducing asthma, toxin sensitivity, emotional intensity, epilepsy...)(May make some too spacey; be sure to ground self after use and before driving). Fragile - Don't salt cleanse!.


Calms and balances emotional situations. Second sight, psychometry, aura reading, use in regressions, opens up psychic potential.

Petrified Wood

Aids in the ability to recall past lives. Develops a great love for the earth.

Quartz Crystals

Easy to cleanse, store info/energy in, program or amplify energy and healing with. Can both draw and send energy. Powerful clear ones open Brow, Crown, and Transpersonal Chakra for meditation, sending/receiving guidance. Stimulates natural crystals in body tissues and fluids to resonate at new healing frequency.

Red Jasper

Protection against unseen lower astral entities. Enables you to work with heavy negativity. Stabilizes emotions.


Works with Heart Chakra; helps us express confidence and lovingness on physical plane in day to day ways. Calms and feeds the soul through the heart. Soothes nightmares. Stress, heartache, loss, etc. Very good for speech and hearing problems. Eases Asthma suffering.

Rose Quartz

Relaxation, inner peace and tranquility. The ability to give and receive love. It is a stone that heals the heart emotionally and physically. All matters dealing with love, affection, compassion and kindness.


Excels in healing emotional and physical aspects of heart/lungs and throat chakras. Flushes out/heals hurt, fear, stress, loss. Antidepressant. Sinuses, mouth; bone and tissue regeneration. On Solar Plexus: Aligns the subtle bodies, harmonizes heart, mind, and body. Wholeness, peace of heart, self-expression, creativity. Balances yin/yang. Draws out pain, inflammation, fever.

Shiva Lingham Stone

Excellent meditation stone. It is said of all the stone, these have the highest vibrational frequency.

Smokey Quartz

Enables you to follow through with the highest hopes and aspirations. Abstract thoughts and telepathic messages pu to practical use.

Snowflake Obsidian

Use for astral travel and clairaudience, absorbs negative energy and therefore is used to cleanse before crystal healing.


Clearing and balancing mental disorders; filling the doubts, fears and anxieties with white light and transformation.

Tiger Eye

A combination of earth and sun which would be practical in decision making and creativity. Belief in self, objectivity, stability and inner strength.


A good general healer for all illnesses and excellent conductor (high copper). This gentle, cool, soothing stone is a Native American classic. It opens the Throat Chakra, for open communication, creativity, serenity, spiritual bonding, upliftment; Opens the Heart Chakra for giving/receiving. Symbolizes our source spirit/sky) and spiritual love for healing, help. On brow: Psychic connection to Great Spirit. Strengthens and aligns all meridians, chakras, and energy fields. Like amethyst, it protects and detoxes from alcohol, poison, pollution, x-ray/sun radiation. Ancient absorber of "negativity"; protection from "evil eye." Brings wisdom. Helps anorexia, headache, fear, etc. Throat, lungs, asthma, infections, teeth, TMJ, hearing, high blood pressure, creativity block, depression. Dull, paler, weaker. Works well with Chrysocolla, best with Silver. Used for healing on every continent! Androgynous, balances yin/yang. Fades in sunlight, sweat, oil, and dishwater...Avoid bleach/chlorine!


Unakite can be very helpful in the steady release of feelings long held in.