Altar Tables - Night Stands hand made by DragonOak
Pagan Goddess Altar Stand
Altar Stand with Poem
Whitetail Deer Hunting Night Stand
Whitetail Deer Altar Stand
Waapiti Elk Hunting Night Stand
Elk Altar Stand
Floral Hand Crafted Night stand
Floral Altar Stand
Moose Wolf Hunting Nightstand
Moose Altar Stand
Desert Animals Puma Rattlesnake
Puma Altar Stand
SeaScenery Fishing Night Stand
Sea Life Altar Stand
Chinese Ying Yang Angel
Yin Yang Angelic Altar Stand
Pagan Altar Table
Simple Altar Stand

All altar stands are constructed of solid wood, no fiberboard or cheap substitutes used.

Each altar stand compliments our line of Pagan Ritual Altars.

Each altar stand can also be utilized as a night stand or lamp stand.

Don't see an altar stand with a design you would like? Email us on the form below and let us know, we will be happy to come up with a design for our altar stands to accommodate your needs.

Each altar stand is hand made by DragonOak, for a unique, rustic, one of a kind type of quality item you have been looking for.

Looking for something custom designed? Feel free to email me and lets see what we can do for you! Looking for wholesale pricing, contact: GYPSY BETH
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